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Reimagining The Way We Cook

W.O.W is what happens when a group of scientists are as devout to their foodie interests as they are to their professional craft.  Our goal was to create a safer and more efficient frying technology, the result was so much more.  Better flavor, more water retention, cleaner, healthier, and more efficient.  The W.O.W technology radically changed a millennia old technology, allowing for an extraordinary new approach to cooking with deep fryers.  And thus, the movement began, Chef’s around the globe are delighted to be creating new menu items as well as reimagining existing ones. 

A company devout to innovation. 

With an unconventional methodology and a commitment to technological innovations in the food and produce industries, W.O.W strives to offer the means to better tasting, healthier, more enjoyable foods, while making the process safer, more efficient, and less wasteful. W.O.W approaches solutions with the aim to contribute to human health and a better environment.
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